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Several members of the TLN team reviewed the educational opportunities currently
available in North America to persons aged 55+. Some classes offered by Lifelong
Learning Institutes (LLIs) appear to be truly excellent but other offerings we
reviewed failed to inspire and, we believe, are less likely to promote successful
aging. Our ad-hoc review committee concluded that the TLN would not be able to
guarantee the
quality and consistency of its classes if it relied on volunteer experts
to "lead" its classes.
Our pledge: High-quality classes in Europe
taught by truly outstanding instructors
Have you hugged
you brain lately?
Accordingly: Except in very rare instances (e.g., certain studio art classes) our
classes will be taught by highly qualified, doctorally prepared professional
educators. To assure quality
  • Prospective teachers will be screened by our Curriculum Committee
    consisting of tenured professors from accredited universities;
  • Prospective teachers will be asked to provide a class outline and reading list
    for review.
  • Those without an extensive background in teaching will asked for recorded
    videos of prior classes they have taught.
  • The TLN staff will monitor the progress of classes and, once completed,  
    solicit feedback from participants.
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