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The TLN is designed for adults who want more than just another European vacation. Our
educational travel programs let you experience everyday life in Europe.
one of the Cinque Terre in Italy
Three Graces
town in southern France
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Adults travel & learn in Spain, France, Italy & Greece
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James Emil Flege
Many people who
vacation in Europe
never have a single
real conversation with
locals. If you visit
Europe as part of
organized tour
chances are the only
local people you'll get
a chance to talk to will
be your tour guide,
bus driver, and hotel
clerks. Who won't have
time to interact
personally with you.
A two-week (12 night) TLN program creates the opportunity to meet members
of the local community, not just fellow tourists. Who? Waiters in your favorite
restaurant, the barista at the corner bar. People from town you met during an
evening program, or with whom you participate in a recreational activity.  
fruit and vegetable market in Italy
you at personal level. People who are traveling  independently have more opportunities, of
course, but sometimes have difficulty striking up conversations with strangers or are held
back by language barriers. TLN programs makes cultural immersion and  real inter-cultural
exchanges possible.
Study in all four
With the TLN you can stay put in a small towns on the Mediterranean long enough to relax
and get to know it well. The TLN offers
slow educational travel for people who are looking for
a true cultural immersion experience. It's a study abroad program for adults.
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Adult learning vacations in Spain, France, Italy & Greece

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YouTube video (2012, Frank Reed). See how the borders of Europe changed over time. Of
special interest is to observe the emergence of modern day Italy, Germany and Greece. At 0:23
you'll see Russia "annex" the Crimea for the first time, in 1779. To fully appreciate the rich details,
watch this video in full-screen mode with the high definition setting.