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1 LOC - Local-area classes are ideal for those who want to know as much as possible about
where they have chosen to study.
4 UNI - Universal-interest classes  introduce broad themes that will appeal to most
well-educated persons.
2 COU - Country-wide classes relate to the country in Europe (Italy, France, Spain or
Greece) in which your host city is located.
3 MED - Mediterranean-wide classes classes deal in general with topics regarding the
Mediterranean Sea and surrounding cultures
5 HWB - Health & Well-being classes are designed to help you acquire new skills for living
6 ART - Art & Art history classes are of two kinds: history of art and studio art, the later
offered in the studio of a local artist
What happens later matters too! You'll get an annotated reading list and have the opportunity
to stay in touch with your prof and fellow "students" in a special "chat room" created for each
field of lavander in southern France
Greek temple in Sicily
Pont du Garde, Arles, France
coastal town, southern France
The Three Graces
TLN offers classes for adults in Europe
All of our professors will be easy to understand, native or near-native speakers of English. To
open up a large pool of talent, we recruit our professors in the U.S. and Canada. They will
teach classes in specially equipped classrooms at TLN Study Centers in Europe via special
high-definition video-conference links.
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Now adults too can study abroad. Our short classes, which meet for
12 hours (eight sessions) aim to stimulate, inform and delight. They
are college-level in rigor but without the bother of credits. All are
taugght by paid professional educators who have agreed to share a
topic they know very with a select group of mature lifelong learners.
Nearly 100 classes are being planned; please check back for the complete list.
Short (2-week) Classes for Adults in Europe

Short classes for adults in Europe | adult learning vacations

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