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work out at the local gym
bread making class in Italy
Our bilingual assistants are cultural ambassadors who will help you immerse yourself in the local culture by participating with
locals in ongoing activities. They will introducing you and translating as needed until you get settled in your chosen activity
Bocce. Learn to play this traditional Italian bowling game, or refine you skills with local
enthusiasts of the game.
School volunteer. Read stories in English and participate in planned instructional activities
with kids aged 8 to 12 who are studying English
Walk or run with the members of a local club
Volunteer at the local animal shelter. Play with, feed, groom and clean up after dogs looking
for a home while you get to know the local volunteers
Exercise.Use facilities at local gym or participate in organized classes such as Pilates and
Zumba. (Supplementary fee for private lessons)
Beginner's drum class. Get rhymthical and  make some noise. Warning: this class is
frequented by teenagers
Beach bummery. Take the bus or walk to a nearby beach, weather permitting. Rent a chair
and an umbrella, or spread out on the sand.
Photography A local photographer will introduce you to the town's best "photo ops" and,
later give you digital editing tips in his studio
Yoga Both beginning and intermediate levels.
Stained glass Construct a 13-inch oval window hanging using the Tiffany Method of
assembly at the local Arts and Crafts center. (Supplementary fee for materials)
Bridge. Local enthusiasts who play at your level
Stringed instrument repair. Learn the techniques used to maintain and repair violins, lutes
and guitars. Bring an old instrument if you have one, or buy one locally for practice
Medieval ceramics. Join a local group that studies how to recreate the colorful ceramics
produced in Tarquinia between the 11th and 13th centuries. Learn a bit of history as you
acquire new skills
Choral singing. Join in the fun singing traditional Italian songs as well as more modern
songs from 1950-1980.
Etruscan bucchero. Join a local group that studies how to recreate the distinctive bucchero
pottery found in so many 6th to 4th century BC tombs in and around Tarquinia. Learn a bit of
history as you acquire new skills
Coteccio. As many as 7 people can play this card game, the object of which is take no tricks
or take all of the tricks.
Bread and pasta making in the kitchen of a local restaurant
Olive oil production. Participate in the pruning of mature olive trees (winter months) or the
harvesting of olives (in October & November). You'll be paid for your time with olive oil you
can take home with you.
Tai chi. Outdoors in the park weather permitting
Golf. Play 9 holes in the club overlooking the sea. (Supplementary fee)
Mindfulness meditation. Join a group of local practictions. A short introduction is available
in English for those who have never meditated.
Meet local residents by "recreating" with them
yoga class in the olive grove in Italy
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With the help of our bilingual assistants, you can participate in ongoing recreational
programs in  your host city that have been created by and for local people. Participating
in these activities will give you the chance to meet and know local people who share you
interests, immersing yourself in the local culture.

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beach, Tarquinia, central Italy
Etruscan bucchero pottery, Etruscan National Museum, Tarquinia, Italy
two people on a beach in Italy
an olive grove near Canino, in central Italy
fresh olive oil, just pressed, central Italy
contract bridgde
archeological excavation, Tuscania, Gruppo Archeological Tuscanese
bocce ball, a favorite sport for older gents in Italy
Note: some activities are seasonal (not available in every session)