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European educational travel & learning vacations
RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES when you're not in class opens the door to
a real cultural immersion experience. With the help of our bilingual
assistants, you'll participate in on-going activities along with local
Enjoy special EVENING PROGRAMS that focus on your host city in Italy (or Spain,
France, Greece). These programs are organized by, and open to,local people who
speak English. You'll make friends, learn about the local food and wines as well as
the town's history and traditions, and enjoy concerts presented by local musicians  
By the time you leave, you'll feel like your part of things. True cultural immersion.      
fruit Italy
Join an overnight FIELD TRIP on the middle weekend of your 2-week stay in Europe
in order to better know the surrounding towns and countryside. Help organize and
define the outings yourself, working with the staff of a local travel agency.
A wide variety of interesting topics, including language, history, art and art
history, science, literature, writing and more
Small in size (7 to 15) so you can be heard without shouting;
Taught by a professional educator, an active or retired university
professor  who really knows the course material and is happy to share with
mature students who are prepared to learn and interact;
Supplemented by additional reading and multi-media materials available in
the Center Study reading room
SHORT CLASSES  (8 sessions over two weeks, 12 hours of instruction) that aim to
stimulate, inform and delight. Coillege-level in rigor, but without the bother of credits
Come back later for LONGER CLASSES (36 hours of instruction over six weeks)  
which provides more in-depth study and an even richer experience of local life. You'll
live in a small furnished apartment in the historic center (Old Town) of your host city,
with access to the same services and programs offered
stutue of the Three Graces, Louvre, Paris
Italian soccer actions
The TLN provides rich educational travel and learning vacations for adults who want
more than just another European tour.
walls of the city of Tarquinia
town gate, Tarquinia
TLN Programs
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TLN programs | Educational travel & cultural immersion

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The approach is revolutionary in its simplicity. You stay put in a small town on the
Mediterranean - in Italy, Spain, France or Greece - long enough to know it well. While
there you take a high-quality class taught by an outstanding professor and
participate side by side with local residents in ongoing recreational activities and
special evening programs. Genuine cultural immersion for adults dedicated to lifelong