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an abandoned monastery in Tuscania (VT) Italy
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The mission of the Travel Learning Network is to promote active, successful
aging through educational travel in Europe. It will do so by offering affordable
learn-in-place programs that combine intellectual stimulation, in the form of
high-quality classes taught by professional teachers, and meaningful
inter-cultural experiences in small European towns.

More specifically, the TLN will
TLN management will strive to excel in fiscal management in order to
ensure the long-term growth and success of the program.
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Offer two-week classes on a wide range of topics that stimulate and delight,
taught by professional teachers rather than volunteers or tour guides;
Ensure excellent yet affordable housing and dining opportunities by offering
participants a range of choices;
Foster meaningful inter-cultural interactions and understanding by giving
participants access to ongoing local activities, and by promoting evening
programs that are organized by, and open to, members of the local
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Our mission | more than just an educational tour in Europe

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By combining high-level classes with meaningful inter-cultural experiences,
TLN programs for lifelong learners will offer much more than just another
educational tour or learning vacation in Europe
TLN management and staff will commit themselves to continually
improve program quality by seeking relevant feedback during and
after each program.