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Beginning in 2016, the TLN hopes to offer 6-week classes (36 hours of instruction) in a
range of disciplines (history, archeology, history of art, religion and philosophy, etc). In
terms of duration, quality and rigor, these classes will equal or exceed a 3
semester-hour graduate school course. The classes will be ideal for adults who want to
study more and live longer in Europe. They offer an opportunity for real intellectual
stimulation and a chance to begin getting a feel for how another culture "feels" from the
Creating the 6-week program will be a bottom-up process. The topics of our 6-week
classes will be defined by people who have already participated in one or more 2-week
classes, which are intended to
open the door to new interest areas and research
topics for our participants.
All 2-week participants will be provided with an annotated reading list for further study
when they complete their class in Europe. They will also be encouraged to continue
interacting with their teacher and fellow participants in a special "chat room" sponsored
by the TLN. When -- and if -- these participants propose a 6-week class, the TLN will
make all the necessary arrangements for recruiting a well qualified and inspiring
professor, arranging for suitable housing in the host city, and so on.
What will these classes be like? It's too soon to tell, but one of them might be called
The culture of ancient Greece and Rome" and resemble a fascinating humanities
course, HUM 110, offered at Reed College in Oregon (
click here to learn more).
If this program materializes, and we end up offering such a class
to TLN participants in the future, we suspect that they will enjoy
our version of HUM 110 as much as Reed College undergrads do.
They might even appreciate the contents at a deeper level given
their many and varied life experiences.
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Time will tell. In the meantime, please contact us with your ideas and suggestions for
classes of this kind.