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The TLN is a new approach to educational travel for adults who are saying "No way!" to still
another traditional bus or boat tour in Europe. Did you study abroad in college to get your first
taste of a foreign culture? We can't turn back the clock, but we can find new and better ways.
The TLN is like a mini junior year abroad for adults, without the Eurail Pass, backpack and
semester credit hours. With the TLN you can:
Are you ready?  The TLN will open its first two Study Centers in Italy and Spain in the Fall of
2015, with additional Centers opening yearly in these two countries as well as in France and
Greece. If you're ready for the next step, sign up for our catalog today. Save up to $330 by
responding to surveys designed to fine-tune  our programs to suit your interests and needs.
More than just another European tour
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Right for you? Our educational travel programs in Italy, Spain, France and
Greece are meant for travelers who want more than just another European
tour, people committed to
lifelong learning who read, wonder and explore
every day of their lives whether at home or on vacation in Europe.
Our programs differ from standard tours offered by educational travel operators such as
Road Scholar
and Smithsonian Journeys. They have been designed specifically for lifelong
learners who seek a true cultural immersion experience. They are ideal for people willing to
take the time to get to know one place and the people who live there -- all while learning
something new, laughing, singing, and eating well.
Makes sense? Our programs might suit you if  slow travel is more appealing than working
down a list of "must see" travel destinations. Especially if you like the idea of staying put in one
place long enough to relax and experience it with pleasure.
restaurant along the coast in Tuscany, Italy
savor a class of Italian wine
statue of the Three Graces in the Louvre, Paris
a gate in the walls of Tarquinia, a small town in Italy north of Rome
tree on a small island in Greece
Set your own pace. Our learning vacations will keep you as busy as you want to be, but
you're in charge. Want to skip a class in order to go to the beach? Why not--you can always
watch a recording of the class you missed later. Want to skip your workout at the local gym to
meander around town or cycle out into the countryside? You're call. Not hungry, and want to
skip a meal? We'll reimburse the cost.

Educational travel | adult learning vacations in Europe

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James Emil Flege
Live in a small- to medium-sized town on the shores of the Mediterranean for two
or six weeks;
Take an inspiring college-level class along with other active adults;
Experience cultural immersion as never before, getting to know people in your
host town, eating in family restaurants and meeting local professionals, educators
and artists in special evening programs;
Join in ongoing recreational activities that suit your style along with local
residents who share your interests;
Return the following next year to another Study Center located in Italy, Spain,
France or Greece. Stay put in one place in order to know it well while, over time,
you travel around the Mediterranean.
Greek temple in Magna Grecia (Sicily)