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the Mediterranean coast of Tuscany in Italy
All three host cities selected so far are located on the Mediterranean, close to an
international airport, and boast sites of timeless cultural and historic interest. All are safe
and friendly, and all have historical centers that are inviting and walkable.
Three Graces
map of the Mediterranean Sea
But what matters to you? Please click participate in the TLN Ranker poll below. It's
designed to identify the characteristics that people judge to be most important for a TLN
host city. Give a thumbs "up" or "down" to indicate if you think a feature is/is not important.  
You can also add a characteristics that are important to you but not on the list.
Choosing host cities in Spain, France, Italy & Greece
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James Emil Flege
street in a small town in Catalonia
The small to medium-sized European towns
selected as host cities for a TLN Study Center
must have all of the characteristics needed to
make your two-week stay a success. Host cities
for two Study Centers in Italy have been
selected: Tarquinia and Alghero. (To learn more
about these towns click the "Italy" button on th
left.)  We've also selected the first of two host
cities in Spain. Eventually we hope to have ten.
Study in all four

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