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The monuments of Rome. Visit the most important sites and monuments of Rome,
including St. Peter's square, the Roman forum, the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Trevi
Fountain , the Spanish steps and Piazza Navona. Intended for people who have not
visited Rome before.
More Rome. Visit other attractions of Rome that people usually miss on their first visit,
including Trajan's markets, the Ara Pacis, St. John Lateran and St. Mary Major, The Villa
Borghese park and museum, the Capitoline hill and museum, the Palatine Hill and Circus
Maximum,  etc.
Mediterranean Coast. Drive north along the coast, stopping at some of Tuscany's
most famous beaches. Hike a portion of the coast at Cinque Terre on Sunday morning,
stopping for a seafood meal on the return trip.
The Gardens. We'll visit Villa Lante (Bagnaia, VT), the splendid Palazzo Farnese in
Caprarola the Villa d'Este located in Tivoli (to the west of Rome).
Inland Cities. Visit  thseek a true cultural immersion experience. They are ideal for
people willing to take the time to get to know onend towns such as Tuscania, Viterbo,
Monfefiascone, Bolsena.
Hike Ancient Roman Roads. Hike portion of the Via Cassia and the Via Francigena in
Northern Lazio and Southern Tuscany.
Etruscan archeological tour. We'll visit some of the most important necropoli (burial
sites) of the Etruscan civilization that flourished for 100 years, including Tarquinia,
Cerveteri, Castel d'Asso, Blera, Norchia.
St. Peter's Rome
Cinque Terre
Villa Lante
Explore the territory near you host city
Optional weekend  field trips are also available. These Saturday-Sunday trips are
organized by a local travel agency under TLN supervision, with input from participants. In
addition to the trips listed below, the agency is willing and able to create custom-designed
trips for as few as six people, to make arrangements for weekend car rentals at  a
competitive rate, and to help you plan additional travel in Italy after the two-week TLN
program ends.
Classes are not held on weekends, which creates the opportunity to organize a number of
special activities, including
  • walks and bike rides into the surrounding countryside
  • participation in special local festivals & shows
  • trips to the beach for a bonfire and picnic
  • visits to local churches and monasteries
  • visits to archaeological sites
  • films with English subtitles at the local cinema
Below: A YouTube video showing a short stretch of the ancient Via Cassia
that is still in use today
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