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TLN evening programs: Getting to know you
TLN evening programs highlight aspects of the local community, with a focus on history,
culture, the local economy and politics, music, poetry, nature, theater and dance. Local
people and groups will share their interests, presenting, showing, explaining or
demonstrating key aspects of everyday life. Local participants will include members of the
city council, members of the local archeology club, naturalists, farmers, history buffs,
singers and musicians.
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Note: All programs will be in English and open free of charge to the general public.
All programs will conclude with an aperitivo (wine, cheese and other edibles).
A key component of TLN programs is cultural immersion. Our aim is to make it possible for
you to get to know local people who share your interests in order to create the conditions
for genuine inter-cultural exchanges.
Evening programs will never be lectures. Interruptions are welcome, questions and
interactions fundamental. We believe that any meaningful communication is a two-way
street that involves sharing. We encourage our participants to get involved with the local
groups who are helping us plan evening programs.
All of our programs will be in English, with translation as needed. The TLN will publicize
each program, which is open for free to all local residents interested in the to program.

Evening programs | inter-cultural experiences for adults in Europe

Evening programs will necessarily vary across the various Study Centers because of the
emphasis the TLN places on local participation. One feature that all Centers will share,
however, is the content of the first two evening programs:
We encourage our participants to get involved with the local groups who are helping us
plan evening programs. When you register, we will ask you to complete a questionnaire
dealing with your likes and dislikes, your hobbies, interests and passions. Do you sing,
act, cook, or play a musical instrument? Would you be interested in singing with a local
group, putting on a one-act play, swapping recipe or developing a collaborative musical
performance with local people or local groups? When there is interest, we'll find a way.
The fruits of these collaborative efforts, we hope, will end up being part of an evening
Program 1: the topic on the first night is food and wine, in recognition of the centrality of
dining well during your stay. This session will provide information about what local
people eat and drink, and what are the local specialties, especially those available
during the current season. .
On the second night, members of the local archaeological club will provide information
about local history, excavations, monuments, and sites of special interest. This will help
you decide what you can't miss seeing during your stay.
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