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Our aim is to create classes that truly favor lifelong learning in adults in Europe. Classes
that are not lectures but, rather, a series of
conversations between mature individuals who
have chosen to study a well-defined topic and learn together.

Our participants chose to study while in Europe because of the pleasure they derive from
learning, not to satisfy some requirement. We will strive to ensure that our classes
promote the growth of understanding and insight, not simply the accumulation of
information. With this in mind, we ask our professors to:
Distinguished Professors
Making the new technology work for us. To ensure a wide range of well-qualified
English-speaking professors for our classes, the TLN will use a technology that is rapidly
transforming business and higher education in North America -- crystral clear high definition
video conference links. Our classes will be held in specially equipped conference rooms in
Europe - our professors will dial up from their home office or the university.
Most of the founders of the TLN have a background in higher education and believe that
high-quality classes depend on competence as well as enthusiasm. That's why the
instructors who will teach our classes for adults in Europe will all be professional teachers,
not mere "experts" recruited on the basis of availability. In fact, most of our instructors will
be full professor or professors emeriti at North American or European universities who are
internationally recognized authorities in their field of study. All will be carefully
and screened.          
Begin each class with appropriate introductory material that
provides an overall context for the class
Give previews of upcoming reading assignments;
Offer timely syntheses along the way to help class
participants  crystalize class materials

TLN classes are taught by highly qualified professors

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