A 5% veterans' discount for all active or retired members of the American or
Canadian armed services and their immediate family member
A 5% discount for all members of groups of 5 or more who register together
A 10% discount for groups of 7 or more who organize their own class and suggest
a highly qualified teacher who meets our standards.
Up to $330 for responding to Surveys designed to fine-tune our program to better
serve your needs
Discounts on travel learning adventures in Europe
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James Emil Flege
A rich TLN program for adults in Europe costs far less than tours
offered by Smithsonian Journey, and offer a far richer experience than
the few learn-in-place programs still offered by Eldterhostel (Road
Scholar). Our already-low prices can be discounted even further, for
the TLN offers
A key part of the TLN mission is to offer quality programs for adults at an affordable
price. Unlike European tours offered by Smithsonian journeys and Elderhostel (Road
Scholar), TLN programs are designed and operated right here in Europe. We manage
to cut costs without sacrificing quality in several ways.

Discounts |learning vacations for adults in Europe

Our Study Centers are located in delightful but inexpensive provincial towns, not
the expensive magnet cities favored by major tour operators
We operate just 9 months a year, avoiding peak season prices for hotels and
restaurants and sparing you the crowds.
Our professors teach from their home university in North America via high-
definition video conference links. We can thus provide the highest quality
instruction conveniently, without footing the bill for a full two weeks of salary plus
travel expenses.