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The founders of  the Travel Learning Network are long-time American residents of Italy
who have been given a "free ride" on occasion due to their place of origin.  They've had
the experience of being greeted with warmth and acceptance by older Italians not
because of who they are, because because of their nationality. Why? Because of the
kindness, decency, and bravery shown by our countrymen during WWII. For many older
Italians, this was the first and last contact with real people from North America. These
memories are heartwarming.
The 5% veterans discount on our educational travel programs for adults in Europe is
applicable to all current or former members of the American and Canadian armed
services, as well as to all children of veterans who served in the European theater during
WWII. We encourage family members to visit sites of historic WWII battles and military
cemeteries to better understand what happened.

We'll be offering special classes on these topics. Please check back.
veteran of the Italian campaign in WWII
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In honor of these brave
soldiers, Seniors Abroad™
will offer a series of classes
on the Allied liberation of
Italy during WWII, each with
a field trip to visit
battlefields of importance to
the war effort in Italy.
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