Vacation rentals

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At the heart of the slow travel concept is the idea of staying put in one place long enough to get to know it well. How long? Well, that depends, but often a week and sometimes more.

People who embrace the idea of slow travel normally don’t stay in a hotel room. Why? Because they want to cook for themselves, at least some of the time, and hotel rooms have a tendency to shink in size over time.

One of the aims of the TLN blog is to provide some useful general information concerning short-term rentals.  In separate postings we’ll sketch prevailing market conditions in various countries and address practical concerns such as:

  • What are minimum rental periods? Do they vary according to season/country?
  • How far in advance is it necessary to reserve?
  • If utilities are not included, how will be energy use be measured?
  • Are there likely to be extra, hidden charges (e.g., final clean-up)
  • What is a reasonable payment prior to arrival?
  • Is it necessary to pay a damage deposit?
  • What factors influence price? What’s the best way to get a last minute discount?
  • How can renters be sure to get what they think they’ll be getting?
  • Steps to take if you have a bad surprise upon arrival (e.g., there’s mold everywhere, or the apartment is located above a discotheque).

This page will eventually showcase a number of apartments, houses and villas that a least one of our contributors knows personally and finds appealing. These short-term rentals, which are meant to be illustrative, will be arranged according to type, location (region, country), minimum rental period, and cost. We will not accept payment for highlighting a rental, but we will provide links to websites that perform this service commercially.

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