My best trip

This section of the blog is under construction.

Our intent here is to give guest bloggers the chance to share the best trip they’ve ever taken. The post should contain a maximum of 1,200 words, give specific reasons why you enjoyed this particular trip more than others, and include 4 to 7 representative photos that you or a member of your party took. If you want to share your joy but not the actual geographical co-ordinates, we’ll accept a bit of vagueness such as “a small Greek island in the Dodecanese chain.” But apart from that, please be specific so that we can in part relive your experience.

This invitation is being extended only to individual travelers who wish to describe their participation in an organized tour or a trip they designed themselves. We ask that profession travel writers and tour organizers not submit in this category. We will do our level best to vet each contribution by personally contacting people who submit in the  ”My best trip” category.

Thanks for your interest, and please stay tuned.

The TLN team


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