Great small towns

We plan to identify small towns in Europe that are especially well suited for a slowtrav (slow travel) vacation. However, before we can get down to the business of considering specific small towns one by by one, we first need to understand what are the qualities and features of a town that really matter.  (Is my scientific background showing?) For this, we’d like to get input from North Americans visitors to Europe.

We’re asking for your input. Specifically,  we’d like you to imagine that you are planning to come to Europe as a visitor rather than as a tourist or traveler. (If you really are planning to do so, you can skip the “imagine” part of this exercise.) You plan to stay put in one place in Europe long enough to begin getting a sense of the rhythms of daily life.

A slowtrav vacation might involve taking a class, participating in a well-define activity (e.g., volunteering for an archeological dig) or just plain “hanging out”. Select what appeals to you most. After all, this is your dream.

Now take a look at the list shown below.  Give a thumbs up to things you consider important characteristics of the town where you’ll be spending two weeks. Give a thumbs down for qualities and features that don’t really seem to matter.

The rank of items on the list will change according to the responses that come in.  Have we forgotten something that you consider important? You can add it yourself to this interactive list. .For example, if are you passionate about bowling, you can click the Add’it button down below and type in ”Presence of at least one bowling alley”.

Thanks for participating!

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2 Responses to Great small towns

  1. avatar Karen Smith says:

    One element of best SlowTrav towns would surely be their physical beauty. Have you seen this website?

    • avatar Jim Flege says:

      Thanks a lot for the link, which was new to me. It’s very well prepared an organized and I managed to find several new destinations even here in central Italy where I have now lived for nearly seven years.

      As for a rating of “beautiful”, I couldn’t agree more. In an earlier version of the poll we defined “pitureque” as something that would “appeal to my camera and to the folks back home. The stuff of post-cards, if you will. To my way of thinking, picturesque is the low-calorie version of “beautiful”. I’m writing to modify the program that diplays in interactive list to return to the original version. Did you vote? If not, you can vote now and also enter “beautiful” down below as a new category.

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