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People differ according to the hopes and desires that lead them to travel, which leads to different criteria in defining what makes a trip satisfying and memorable.

Lifelogging: where will it take us?

In  an earlier post (Travel photos, travel memories) I asked readers how many photos they take on a trip. I have not had any responses (so far!) but imagine that the answers will range from “none” to “many hundreds per … Continue reading

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The speed of slow travel

In 2000 Pauline Kenny created what appears to be the first website dedicated to slow travel ( It was apparently Kenny who coined the term “slow travel”, which she subsequently trademarked and then later sold to Internet Brands before moving … Continue reading

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Travel photos, travel memories

  When you travel, how many cameras do you pack and how many pictures do you take? Do you enjoy your trips more when take photos? Once you’ve returned home, how many photos do you share with friends and family? … Continue reading

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How do you spell travel(l)ing?

I’ve discovered something you veteran blog writers have known for a long time:  it’s easy to write the first draft of a post but far more difficult and time consuming to produce a “final” (ha!) version. I already knew that writing is … Continue reading

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Travel pain?

Peter Greenberg, the journalist known as “The Travel Detective”, is preparing to launch a new weekly travel program. Some of the publicity he’s creating to generate viewership reached my desk and grabbed my attention. PG writes: “We get it. You’re frazzled. You’re tired and now you’re … Continue reading

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