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Sitges is a Catalan city located 21 miles SW of Barcelona. Iberian settlements
established on the site of the modern day city in the 4th century BC were absorbed by
the Romans, who founded a major city in
Tarragona 30 miles to the SW. During the
Middle Ages the Bishop of Barcelona built a castle, but by the 12th century the town
had fallen under the sway of the Sitges family, whose heirs, in turn,
bequeathed it to a charitable organization (Pia Almoina) which held
Sitges until 1814. Since the late 19th century the town has attracted
notable artists and architects. In the 1960s Sitges became a magnet
for the Spanish counterculture seeking relief from the harsh Franco
The local economy was based mostly on wine production until the 1960s but today
tourism dominates thanks to the presence  of 4,500 hotel beds, 17 sand beaches and
the famous Carnival in February and March which features folk dancing, local food and
nearly 2000 floats.
Below: The video "Discover Sitges" presents photos of the city's
fabulous beaches, streets photo of the surrounding countryside.
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