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Pisa is a city in the Italian region of Tuscany located on the Mediterranean Sea at the mouth of
the Arno river. Known world-wide for it leaning tower and adjacent cathedral, Pisa contains
many other historic churches, palaces and bridges. Archaeological research has
demonstrated the existence of a port city in the 5th century BC that traded with the Greeks and
Gauls. The recent discovery of an Etruscan necropolis confirmed the Etruscan origins of Pisa.
In 180 BC, Pisa became a Roman colony and served as a base for Roman naval expeditions.
In the Middle Ages a Pisan fleet of 120 ships took part in the First Crusade
and the Pisans were instrumental in the taking of Jerusalem in 1099. In the
11th century Pisa as became a powerful independent republic based on its
naval and commercial might. In the 12th century the University of Pisa, was
founded. After centuries of conflict with its neighbors, Pisa was conquered by
Florence in 1406.
Today Pisa is a prosporous town of 88,000, is a light industrial centre and a railway hub and
center of higher education. The university is renowned in the fields of Physics, Mathematics,
Engineering and Computer Science.

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